What Does It Mean To Say That Everyone Is Normal

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I don 't believe anyone is normal. Everyone has different views on what they find "normal". Based on how someone is raised, or taught to believe. Many things like cultural background, and race can play a huge role on people 's behaviors, which some people may not see certain behaviors as normal. We can all viewed by others as abnormal. Mental health is our emotions, thoughts, feelings, and our whole understanding to life, the world among us. Mental health is something I think people deal with every day. You can feel happy one day, sad the next day. Everyone has thoughts, and ideas we all experience. We all deal with everyday life that allows us to go through our own feelings, allows us to become who we are, allows us to deal with everyday life. Mental illness is something that affects our emotions, thoughts, and feelings. Mental illness affects the way we interact with others, the we see others, and just our behaviors in general. There 's a lot of different mental illnesses that people have been diagnosed with and some have not. I do believe we all experience mental health. I do not believe everyone suffers from mental illness You are exactly right, I agree "no two things are exactly alike." I agree but I do say there are always …show more content…

I 'm sorry you had to experience that in apart of your life. I personally don 't think anyone 's definition of "normal" is the same. I don 't believe anyone can really say what normal is. I mean to some living homeless is "normal" to them it 's their choice of life style, and by that i have met people who have choose to live that life style. not necessarily living under bridges, but living and sleeping where ever they could lay their head. That didn 't seem normal to me, I in my head I wondered "why would someone want to be with out?" but that was normal for them. Who am I to judge? I believe do what ever makes you happy is how I see it. We are raised to believe what we find "normal" to be right way, but i mean we are

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