What Does The Color Green Symbolize In The Great Gatsby

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F. Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby was an extremely popular novel that had a few main themes. The portrayal of these themes heavily relied on Fitzgerald's use of symbolism. One of the novel's most important and meaningful symbols is the color green. The color green is a major symbol that helps clarify the reader's understanding of the most important themes that appear throughout the novel. As a symbol, the color green relates to the crucial themes of greed and wealth, along with the symbol of Daisy's green light across the bay. The first theme that the color green relates to is love. Before going to war, Jay Gatsby fell in love with Daisy Buchanan. Unfortunately, Gatsby was sent off to fight when the war began. Daisy promised Gatsby that she would wait for him; however, she ended up marrying another man by the name of Tom Buchanan. Tom, Daisy's husband, was one of the wealthiest men in the country. Throughout the novel, Fitzgerald makes it clear that Daisy only married Tom for his money. She was unhappy in her relationship with her abusive husband whom she did not love. The color green is a crucial symbol that relates to Daisy's greed in the novel. If Daisy had stayed true to her word and waited for Gatsby, she could have had an extremely loving and caring husband. …show more content…

After seeing his true love marry Tom, Gatsby realized how much wealth meant to Daisy. He knew he had to make a lot of money in order to win Daisy back; therefore, Gatsby involved himself in some illegal activities. Gatsby made most of his money through the drug stores he owned and through bootlegging. Gatsby knew that his chances of winning Daisy back increased as he made more and more money. Eventually, Gatsby made enough money to buy a massive mansion across the water from the Buchanan mansion. He tried to win Daisy back by throwing huge parties and flaunting his wealth, the feature Daisy admires

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