What Happened During The American Revolution By David Ramsey

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David Ramsey, in his excerpt, talked about his view on what happened during the American Revolution and why it happened. He touched multiple topics including valid, specific reasons on why the colonies wanted freedom and why Britain restricted it. Britain as a nation was the reason for which the colonies had broken apart from it.
First of all, according to Ramsey, the New World was too big for Britain to control. After the French and Indian war, they lacked the money, officials, and proper regulations to manage the colonies. When the colonists started to display feelings of dissension, Britain did not have the resources or strength to correct them or even force them to see otherwise. Ramsey said that Britain was incapable of controlling this region they had tried so hard to grow and protect. No matter how had they tried, they couldn’t coexist because their goals were too wide and far from each other.
Moreover, Britain didn’t even know how to manage a territory that knew how to fight back. They imposed whatever rules and restrictions on the colonies that they deemed necessary, without permission or even representation. Britain felt they could speak for the colonies because they own the colonies. They didn’t respect their own flesh and blood simply because they were living on another continent. …show more content…

When the colonists demanded freedom, Britain refused. What resulted is what Britain deserved: the American Revolution. If Britain had actually paid attention to the colonists when they asked for representation and even lessen their taxes, America would likely be very different from what it is today. What further pushed away the colonists was actually the French and Indian war. The irony is that Britain fought it to save the colonists from their openly hostile enemies on the land. Once they saw that the French and Indians won’t bother them any longer, they focused their attention on

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