What Is Circe Desire To Be Human

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In the Novel Circe Circe the main character has a desire to be human. Circe struggles with many issues throughout the book especially during her beginning years before her exile. Her largest most prominent struggle that she deals with the entire book is her wanting to be human. Throughout the book, Circe's longing for humanity becomes more profound, and she wishes to abandon her powers and become human. Early in the book Circe meets a sailor named Glaucous. This allows Circe to realize her desire to be human. They form a brief relationship where they become friends and Circe finds a desire to be a little more than friends. Glaucous claims to enjoy his mortality while Circe expresses jealousy for his mortality. (quote) This experience is …show more content…

Having this son makes her want to be mortal so she can experience the highs and lows of having a son like other mortals do. Even though she is thankful for being a god during the pregnancy and birth due to the immense pain. “The shadows changed, but it was all one endless moment, the pain like stones grinding me to meal.” (Miller 202) Despite this gratitude Circe still wants to be human to share the joys with her son. This desire to be a human also stems from Circe's hatred towards the gods. She ridiculed them the entire novel. She would use their powers when it would benefit her but she never truly liked the gods. (quote) Circe never liked how the god’s only ever controlled and toyed with mortals. They saw them as nothing more than a disposable resource. Where Circe could see the value in all of their lives. Circe’s true breakthrough moment that she really makes the decision between god and human is when she meets telemachus. Telemachus is Odysseus's other son that he had with penelope. Circe finds love and comfort in him after he lives on the island for sometime. Inevitably when he chooses to go with her when Circe breaks exile is when their relationship really sparks. (quote) This leads Circe to take the final steps toward being human so that she can live out her days with her new lover

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