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Gary Ridgway

On February 18, 1949, Mary Rita Ridgway and Tom Ridgway welcomed their son Gary Leon Ridgway into the world (Gary Leon Ridgway).This child would grow up to be famous for admitting to the most serial killings(Gary Ridgway). Gary Ridgway committed his series of murders over a period of twenty years, until he was caught in 2001(Gary Ridgway-bio). He was caught then because of a DNA test (Gary Leon Ridgway). Gary Ridgway has admitted to killing at least forty-nine women, but there is a possibility that number of deceased women is actually higher. (Gary Leon Ridgway). I believe that the number of deceased women is higher because Gary Ridgway was able to kill for several years before he was stopped. When Gary was growing up …show more content…

Gary Ridgway began each of his murders by picking up a women, who was usually a prostitute (Gary Leon Ridgway). Most of the victims were prostitutes or young runaways who worked or hitchhiked, along an area of Pac Highway (Highway 99) which had regressed into being a two lane strip of topless bars and cheap hotels (Gary Ridgway-The Green River Killer). This patch of area was constantly used by Gary Ridgway when he was committing his murders. Gary would sometimes use a picture of his son, from his second marriage in order to get the prostitute to trust him (Gary Leon …show more content…

Gary would first have sex with his victims and then he would strangle them from behind (Gary Leon Ridgway). When Gary first began his killing spree he would strangle his victims with his bare hands. However, because many of his victims left wounds and bruises on his arm when they were fighting him off he had to change his method of killing slightly. He became concerned that the wounds and bruises on his arm would cause attention so he began to strangle his victims with ligatures (Gary Leon Ridgway). Gary Ridgway killed most of his victims in his home, his truck, or a secluded area (Gary Leon Ridgway). Gary Ridgway preferred to kill prostitutes or young runaways, but other than that criteria he was not specific. For instance, his victims ranged from being as young as twelve all the way up to the age of thirty-one. Gary would often leave his victims nude and sometimes he would also leave their fingernails clipped. In 1982, Gary Ridgway was arrested on a prostitution charge (Gary Ridgway). He became a suspect in 1983 in the Green River killings (Gary Leon

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