What Is Harriet Tubman A Role Model

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Harriet Tubman Harriet Tubman was an inspirational slave who made it her life's mission to free her family and many others from slavery. Harriet was born in Dorchester Maryland in 1820. She lived in a home with her ten siblings and her parents Harriet Greene and Ben Ross. Her birth name was Amarita Ross but she later took her mothers name. Harriet was forced to work hard with chores and was always given harsh punishments. She knew that her youth was being wasted with her lack of freedom and education. At that time Harriet had made up her mind that she would find a way to escape from the unfair world she was forced to live in. Even though she had grown up in a bad place, she was still able to be a role model and a difference maker. Harriet was caught up in a lot of trouble. She was caught stealing sugar from the kitchen and was caught by the mistress in the house. As the mistress grabbed for the whip Harriet ran and hid in in a barn for a week before she was forced to leave by the owners …show more content…

With all of her missing teeth and bandanas she wore around her head, she easily blended in and was able to pass through all types of territory without being noticed. When she wasn’t gone she would help the sick and injured in Florida and Carolina taking care of whites, blacks, soldiers, and contrabands. Col. James Montgomery of the Second Carolina Volunteers believed Tubman was a valuable spy. She was able to collect information on cotton warehouse locations, ammunition depots and slaves who wanted to be liberated. This helped Montgomery make raids in the south much easier. After, Harriet had thrown a celebration for him at the Combahee River in June 1863. When she was finished with her duties she was paid two hundred dollars. She still earned money by cooking and selling food and root beer. After the close of the Civil War Harriet moved back home and married Nelson Davis. They decided to build a home near her first

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