What Is The Average Sheet Price For The Denver Deliver In The NFL

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After visiting the team marketing website, I have chosen to answer the questions in regards to the Denver Broncos in the NFL. I will be answering the following ten questions about the fan cost experience. The first questions is, what is the average ticket price for the Denver Broncs? The average ticket price for one fan, one game is $114.00. The next questions is the percentage change, and for the Denver Broncos it is 29.6%. This change is a positive one, because the league average is only 8.3%. Comparing the average ticket price for the Denver Broncos ($114.00) to the league average ($92.98) it is slightly more. When it comes to parking, it will cost a fan $30. The NFL average is right at $32.58, so a Broncos fan pays less. The lowest ticket average in the NFL is …show more content…

For the Denver Broncos the fan cost index is at $577.50, which is higher than the NFL average at $502.84. The second team that I have selected is the Chicago Bears. Some of the difference between the two teams are that the Bears average ticket price is the highest is the NFL, and higher than the Denver Broncos ticket prices by $17.90. Other difference are beers sold at Soldier Field are $2.50 more, soft drinks are 50 cents more, but hot dogs are the same at $5.00. Parking is $19.00 more than parking at Mile High stadium, and merchandise sold at the Bears stadium is $5.00 more. The fan cost index is also more at Soldier Field coming in at $686.10, which is $107.60 difference between the team teams. Ticket prices has far as trends go, has continued to increase throughout the years. The NFL has always had a huge fan base, and with teams moving to different cities like LA and Las Vegas it will only mean increased ticket prices and items sold within the

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