What Is The Difference Between Harriet Tubman And The Underground Railroad

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As slavery had become more ramped in America, so was the idea of slave revolts. Slave owners were worried that their slaves would be apart of the revolt, resulting in loosing the slaves overnight. One woman named Harriet Tubman changed the word bravery with her actions. Harriet Tubman was born into slavery, and she had escaped when she was about thirty years old. Tubman and her two brothers, Harry and Ben had escaped on Monday, September 17, 1849. Her brothers had decided to turn back, and after making sure her brothers were safe, she parted north. Bothered by the amount of slaves still down in the south, she made the decision to come back and doing so the Underground Railroad was born. Frederick Douglas once said, “I know of no one who has willingly encountered more pains and hardships to serve our …show more content…

However, the Underground Railroad isn’t what it seems to be, it was neither underground nor a railroad. Slave Owners would wake up, and find their entire plantation workers missing, and as you could imagine they weren’t happy. The Underground Railroad got its railroad terms, because of the way it had worked. Various routes were formed, and those who aided these escaped slaves were known as conductors. The network of routes had gone through fourteen northern states, and Canada. The beauty of these routes is that the final destination was out of the reach of fugitive-slave hunters. Rewards were often offered for the safe return of a valued slave. Some slaves had been bought for lower prices than that of their rewards. Those who assisted in the Underground Railroad, were mostly former slaves, northern abolitionists, and church leaders. The most famous “conductor,” was

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