What Is The Importance Of Piggy In Lord Of The Flies

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In the novel Lord of the Flies, Piggy is initially presented as an overweight and physically weak character, often teased by the other boys on the island. As the story progresses piggy is still teased by the boys due to his physical appearance. Asides from his appearance, piggy shows a more human and logical approach in this story from his thoughts and ideas such as using the conch to call meetings. Piggy is also a boy who worries how others think of him such as the grownups when they find them. Piggy plays a crucial role in the novel’s events and should not be looked down upon. In chapters 1-4, Piggy can be described in one word as an outsider. He is often teased and/or made fun of by the other boys one example is when piggy says to Ralph, “They used to call me ‘Piggy”. Ralph shrieked with laughter. He jumped up. “Piggy! Piggy!” (Pg 11) due to his physical appearance and lack of athleticism the boys find it easy to tease him. As the novel progresses through these chapters Piggy's thoughts and ideas aren’t noticed by the boys because they don’t take him very seriously so they prioritize hunting and having fun over building shelters and maintaining order. Piggy begins to try and assert himself and his ideas. …show more content…

Piggy shows more human characteristics in this part of the novel. An example in when the boys are trying to figure out what and who the beast is. Ralph calls an assembly very late in the day and Piggy doesnt like the way everyone is reacting and acting around the island so he snached the couch from Raplh and began speaking “What are we? Humans? Or animals? or Savages? What are the grownups going to think? Going off–hunting pigs–letting fires out–and now!” (Pg 91) Piggy stands up for the tribe hoping that they would figure it

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