What Is The Most Dangerous Reason For The Watsons Go To Birmingham

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In the novel “The Watsons Go to Birmingham - 1963”, there is a character named Byron Watson. Byron is the brother of Kenny Watson and Joetta Watson, and the son of Wilona Watson and Daniel Watson. The Watsons plan to send Byron away to live with his strict grandmother in Birmingham, Alabama due to his dangerous, mischievous, and negative behavior. I strongly agree with this decision for three reasons.

Firstly, throughout the novel, Byron makes some very dangerous decisions that provide ample reason for his parents to send him away. One of his dangerous actions is bullying his siblings. Byron regularly harasses Kenny by physically punching him, which could have caused physical or emotional harm. Another action that demonstrates his dangerous behavior is when he fights with younger students. One time in the book, Larry Dunn stole Kenny’s gloves and bullied him by smashing snow into his face. Byron stole the gloves back from Larry and then proceeded to beat him up by hurling him into a metal fence and verbally assaulting him. These actions demonstrate that Byron has the desire to harm people and is therefore dangerous. …show more content…

In one instance, he abused the local store’s credit system by buying cookies and putting the money he spent on his parents’ credit. He then offered the cookies to Kenny, thinking that if Kenny also eats the cookies, he can also take some of the blame if his parents ever find out. This behavior is unacceptable, especially since his family is not wealthy and cannot afford unnecessary purchases like the cookies. In another instance, Byron got a hair treatment without permission from his parents. He tried to hide his hair, but his parents found out. This action was also inappropriate because his parents did not approve of the hairstyle at the time, and it showed that he rebelled against

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