Desmond Holmes Research Paper

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Desmond Holmes came from a long line of aristocrats, however his distant relatives would most likely turn in their graves if they knew what had become of the clan. The family had fallen on hard times; they were poor. Not poor like the “unfortunate” citizens of Oftbrook, Virginia, whose hardship consisted mostly of not being able to eat out every night. The Holmes were outsiders, and none of them were particularly bright, especially Desmond. Being an outsider makes one a target, but who could be a shooter in small town Virginia? What Desmond lacked in intelligence, he made up for in kindness. However, one could only come to know this fact by taking the time to get to know the boy, which outside of his family was pretty much no one. The Holmes were ostracized by the town not only because of their poverty and lack of education, but they seemed from the outside to be a quite a peculiar bunch. His younger sister had a very odd affinity for chewing on tires. His twin older brothers spoke to no one, except one another, including their parents who were perhaps the strangest of all. The mother of the Holmes family was a beautiful and rich young woman, until her parents died in a fire that burned down the family’s…show more content…
Twenty one year old Moira Evans, daughter of Oftgrove police chief Theo Evans, has been found brutally murdered on the edge of the Evans property. No physical evidence was found at the scene, but the police had their man regardless. Desmond Holmes. Moira was a very kind girl and tutored Desmond twice a week, and as per the usual she tutored him last night. The Oftgrove Police Department released that Desmond was the last person to see Moira alive, and that they would be charging him with first degree murder. For Desmond, considering his family and financial situation, this meant life in prison. He however, was
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