Why Did Holmes Choose Chicago

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Dr. H. H. Holmes was a serial killer during the time of the World’s Columbian Exposition. Between the time he arrived in Chicago and the time of his death, it is said to be that he killed several hundred people. Holmes was born and raised in New Hampshire but eventually found his way to Chicago. He was a different man and found joy in killing humans. Most of his murders occurred in his Castle in Englewood near Chicago. The question is, why did Holmes pick Chicago of all places? Why not somewhere else? Chicago was a place for H.H. Holmes to commit his crimes because the city had a growing population, it was going to host the World’s Columbian Exposition, and because Chicago was a selfish city. H.H. Holmes chose Chicago to commit his crimes …show more content…

The people in Chicago were worried about one thing and that was making money and living a better life. Not only was the working class selfish, but the upper class was too. For the first time, in the year 1890, Chicago reached a population of one million. This made Chicago the second largest city behind New York. Chicago was being prosperous. Their city was growing and was awarded the chance to host the World’s Columbian Exchange. Chicago was becoming a prideful place. Officials and citizens were not concerned when people went missing because their city was thriving. Because Chicago was a selfish city, people dying in Chicago was not a concern. “Chicago was nothing more than a greedy, hog-slaughtering backwater.” The most influential people in Chicago during the time of Holmes’ killings were worried about one thing: The World’s Columbian Exchange. Men like Daniel Burnham were working thousands of men, day and night, in order to finish the Fair on time. This too was killing innocent men. Most people in Chicago were preoccupied with their own lives, they rarely noticed when people went missing. The selfishness in Chicago and the fear of ruining Chicago’s reputation, enabled Holmes to get away with

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