How Did Al Capone Contribute To Chicago

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“I am like any other man. All I do is supply a demand” – Al Capone. 1920’s Chicago, a place riddled with crime and vice became victim to a cultural widespread of lawlessness. Research indicates that the iconic mafia Lord Al Capone “Scarface” saw Chicago as his domain to commit unjust actions however his actions weren’t the sole contributor to the Chicagoan chaos in 1920’s - 1930’s. Additionally, other factors such as: acts of organised crime – gambling and prostitution, weakened Chicagoan governmental system and period of Prohibition all played tribute to the law dismantling of Chicagoan state.
Chicago , a city seen for its perfection yet due to the ‘large-scale’ (Source A) of organised criminal activity which made way to path of gangster tactics and the victimisation by Alphonse Capone King Of The Gangsters (Source N) , the perfect Chicagoan city no longer stood instead a lawless state emerged. Al Capone had a strong hold upon the Chicago state (Source N) which made his actions have a greater influence. Capone had created a lawless path throughout Chicago in multiple ways through his involvement in organised crimes i.e. gambling ‘ gambling on horse races’ (Source L) ; ‘income tax fraud’ (Source I) ; …show more content…

At the time Capone saw it as means met the ‘immense demand’ (Source K) and to fulfil role of local ‘Robin Hood’

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