Essay On The Haymarket Affair

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The Haymarket affair is one most important events in Chicago’s labor protest is questionably still unknown to many of high school kids and down. At this mark in Chicago history several horrifying, and great events happened. Industrial workers were getting fed up with the intense hours and wanted change from their shady bosses. People associated with all the industrial works started to arrange private meeting to talk about what’s wrong within the industries. Soon several of the bosses found out about these meeting and paid the police to eliminate these meetings. After the police stopped several of these meeting the workers didn’t stop there, they started to publicly express the wrongs in these industries. Some of these actions would be creating small strikes, creating slogans heard everywhere like "Eight Hours for Work, Eight Hours for Rest, Eight Hours for What We Will!" or "Shortening the Hours Increase the Pay". , or even creating songs like "the Eight Hour Day". Soon after that the works started to arrange marches through the middle of down town. Nearly 100 thousand workers marched through the middle of down town chanting about the eight-hour day. Once the workers started to organize at this scale the police started to panicked on what to do. In their minds they couldn’t find a harmless solution to this problem. The police …show more content…

They arranged this rally to protest the several workers that were killed by the police the day before. Later on in the rally the police showed up at the Haymarket square to get rid of the rally. Once they started to come closer to the workers a person within the crowd threw a pipe bomb(to this day he is still unidentified). The police and also some members of the crowd opened fire and chaos broke out. Seven police officers and at least one civilian died as a result of the violence that day, and an untold number of other people were

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