What Is The Physical Setting Of The Novel LOTF And Bluejohn Canyon

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In 2003, “I certainly made mistakes” - Aron Ralston, on his miscalculation of the risks and his decision of not informing anyone about his canyoneering trip at Bluejohn Canyon, Utah. From his actions, it transformed a general walk in the park scenario into a fatal journey of 127 hours or five and a half days. This essay will examine how a life-threatening and desperate physical setting of Bluejohn Canyon similar to LOTF can manifest itself within the mind and context of each individual associated, leading them to perform certain actions that will reflect on their background values and identities divergently. Surprisingly, being obscured in a hazardous and despairing physical setting can adjust one’s identity and POV to become harsh and …show more content…

In many readers’ cultures, boys are meant to be the figure of innocence and purity, but without any adults or supervisor, the boys signify immaturity that exists in every kids’ mindset and leading them to act immorally and ruthlessly. This can be seen when Simon appeared from the forest during the feast. With the immaturity of children involved within the despairing physical setting and unethical context of LOTF, the other boys interpreted him as the beast that they are terrified of. As a result from those behaviors, Simon was trampled by those boys until death. On the other hand, Aron’s family values and context also aroused him to mutilate himself, but with deliberation and consciousness involved, he was able to develop satisfying consequences. Resulting from the civilization and maturity that existed in his mentality as an adult, he survived the canyoneering accident in Blue John and fulfilled the aspects of family bonds as he returned to live with his

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