What Is Chris Mccandless Idealism In Into The Wild

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The innermost fragments of the soul are what makeup that we are, and many of us do not find out how to achieve every part within us for a long time. In Krakauer’s Into the Wild, he assembles a novel about Chris McCandless' life in an extraordinary way, outlining his various adventures throughout his short existence. Chris was a stubborn young man eager and bent on reaching spiritual haven in the Alaskan wilderness. His determination to fulfill his idealistic his idealistic dreams fueled his efforts elude conformist society. However, Chris would come to realize Alaska is a harsh, cold, and unforgiving landscape that misleads many dauntless individuals, like him. In the short amount of years that he lived, those around him and the books he read …show more content…

When Chris was a child, Walt led two lives with two different families. Chris later found this out in his college years, and withdrew into isolation that fueled his prolonged hatred for his father. In this isolated state, he read fervently. Authors such as Thoreau, Muir, and other transcendentalists covered his shelves and continued his longing for Alaskan solitude. They changed the way he thought about life and shaped his disposition into the compassionate man that trekked far into the wild. We live in a volatile and emotional world, heavily swayed by our peers. We succumb to the conformity of society, and Chris McCandless wanted to escape the materialistic customs and reach the secluded refuge of the wild. He was purposely ignorant to fabricate a more genuine spiritual journey. He abandoned his car and burned all his money in an act of defiance towards our consumerist country. With these gestures, he formed meaningful relationships with numerous strangers along the way to Alaska. He was a compassionate individual that was good with people, but he relished the reclusive structure of nature. Chris grew close with many people such as Jan Burres and Wayne Westerberg, yet he eventually left them to continue his expedition. It was a selfish act in itself, but his loved ones failed to realize Chris was a troubled soul that did not fit in with the uniform

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