Chris Mccandless Analysis

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Considered the “Father of Western Philosophy”, the great Aristotle is quoted as saying “Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” This is something that, a young intelligent man in the early 1990’s took to heart, as he set out on a great journey to know himself. Chris McCandless, this young man, however took a different path than most in terms of discovering himself by attempting to abandon society and live off the land in rural Alaska. Chris’s journey throughout his brief adulthood, should be celebrated due to his pursuit of self discovery, and finding the source of true happiness. However we must acknowledge his decision to go into the unforgiving wilderness ill-prepared and the way he rejected true companionship in his travels pre-Alaskan adventure should not be ignored. At his spiritual core, it is extremely noble and honorable that Chris’s stuck to his ideals as a human, and discovered himself and true happiness; no matter how his journey ended. Throughout this book, despite it being told in a non-linear narrative, we see how the ultimate goal for Chris is “... to go to Alaska and embark on an ‘ultimate adventure’” (Krakauer, 51). In a society where so many people compromise their morals, bend their will for society, and commit atrocious actions in the pursuit of wealth, it is refreshing to see someone so committed to going the opposite way in the pursuit of self discovery and what makes one happy. While the adventure itself was ill-fated, it was amazing to
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