Character Analysis Of Bravery In Into The Wild By Jon Krakauer

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Though many are inspired by Chris’s bravery to go out to live off Alaska’s land, There are many others who believe he is foolish due to the way he executed his expedition. The way Chris decided to carry out his journey cost him his life. In the book Into the Wild, John Krakauer depicts him as a fool who was blindly following his wishes to find an escape from the expectations of his family and the society around him.

Chris refused to listen to those who tried to assist him in the preparation of his expedition because of this, he put himself in a dangerous position by being in Alaska with little equipment. When Jan offered to give Chris warm clothing needed for Alaska “he eventually took it” in hopes Jan would stop nagging him about it but Jan “found most of it in the van” (Krakauer 46). This really ties back to the idea that Chris was a fool in the sense that he’d put himself in this dangerous situation. Chris tends to have this pattern throughout the story and continues to reject help and advice from others. Gallien showed concern for Chris as he realized that Chris didn’t have …show more content…

Chris didn’t see value in having a career and even believed that “careers were demeaning” and “more of a liability than an asset”(Krakauer 114). Chris was often pressured by his parents to go to college and get a law degree. His dream and wishes were never taken into consideration which caused a real strain on his relationship with his family. This is part of the reason why Chris decided to part ways with his family and go on his trip to Alaska, Chris needed an escape. This is where the idea of his trip to Alaska appeared, he hoped to escape from his parents and society as a whole. We know this because, When he arrived in Alaska he made this clear by writing “No longer to be poisoned by civilization…”(Krakauer 163) on a piece of plywood in the

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