What Makes Chris Mccandless Successful

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In the book, Into the Wild, by Jon Krakauer Chris McCandless is unsuccessful while in the movie, Grizzly Man, Timothy Treadwell is successful. Chris McCandless and Timothy Treadwell are similar characters in that they both had family issues and both went into the Alaskan wilderness trying to accomplish a goal. Their stories of what they were trying to accomplish and how they try to accomplish them are very different. Tim goes into the wilderness to protect the bears his favorite animal. Chris went into the wilderness to prove himself and to prove he did not need the outside world to help him. Even though they went to Alaska for different reasons they both lost their lives in Alaska trying to achieve a common goal.
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Chris is showing signs that he is ready to leave the wilderness when he leave his base camp but discovers that there is no way out. There is no way out because the measly stream he crossed only a couple of months ago is now a raging river. What Chris does not realize is there is actually a way to cross the river about a half mile away. Chris does not know there is an alternate way to leave because he felt he did not need to bring a map. Chris was ready to return to civilization and Jon says, “McCandless decided to return to civilization: It was time to bring his ‘final and greatest adventure’ to a close” (Krakauer 168). Chris would have successfully walks out of the Alaskan wilderness but because he felt he did not need the outside world or a map he died alone of starvation inside the bus. Chris is great at surviving in the wilderness but he makes little irrational mistakes that end up costing him his life. When he leaves for Alaska Chris is having issues with

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