Chris Mccandless

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Christopher McCandless was a brave explorer of life who went out into the wild to find his true self. Chris was an idealist, as well as a minimalist. He was a well educated individual who was heavily influenced by philosophical writers such as Henry David Thoreau, Jack London, and Leo Tolstoy. Chris had a strong connection to nature and the simple beauty that it offered. After graduating from college, Chris decided to abandon society and went on a journey to emerge himself in the wild. As a result of many people being drawn to his story, a book, a movie, and multiple articles were made about Chris McCandless. His transcendental beliefs and his determination led Chris to achieve his goal of finding himself in the wild. Despite conflicting opinions, Chris is deserving of all of the attention he has received and earns the right to be praised.
McCandless was perceived as a unique individual with a great spirit. Many of the people that Chris become friends with on his way to Alaska praised him and told stories of how great of a man that …show more content…

They thought that Chris was being selfish for abandoning his family. As an adult, Chris was able to make his own decisions in life and did not need to depend on his parents for guidance. After graduating from high school, Chris found out that his father had a second family during his childhood. Discovering this, Chris slowly became disconnected from his parents and stored anger within himself. This shows how Chris had the right to leave his family because they were one of the reasons that caused his unhappiness. To add on, people believe that Chris was a stubborn, arrogant boy who did not take the advice of others. Lots of people thought that Chris was not prepared enough to go into the wild and live on his own. However, Chris just did what he believed to be what was best for himself. He knew his own risks in living out in the wild alone and he took his own

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