Ride By Twenty One Pilots Analysis

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Thinking about life filled with sun and peace to escape isn’t truth, but it's fun to fantasize. As humans want to be away from agony and hardships, often times, the very source of pain is from their own thoughts. We are driven to the edge, barely hanging on to cliff until final straw breaks, something snaps inside. Depiction of this state is expressed in “Ride” by Twenty One Pilots. When a human is driven to the edge, changes occur to him--he start to notice things that he never saw or thought before. For example, we all have someone we would protect, to “take a bullet for”. However, in reality they “don’t see many bullets comin through”. This illustrates that people simply over complicate situations, always thinking that there will always…show more content…
This leads them to fantasize idealistic places such as “in the sun where I find… Pieces of peace in the Sun’s peace of mind”. Because they are “thinking too much”, they wish to go to place where Sun brightens up everything and nothing is hidden, making over complication impossible. With all these elements, humans fall-- and as we fall, their highlights from ride of life flashes before their eyes. Because they have already given up and only thing they can see is their life, they have look back and revisit those memories, “...taking time on my life”, only to find that “there were people back home who tried to talking to you”. With this, they realize they have been “thinking too much” and humans were the ones making their “ride” hard to survive. This makes them reach up and struggle to climb up the path they fell from, finally reaching for help. “Ride” brings up one of many problems that occur in our society, where people make things seem harder than it already is. Searching for distraction, they fantasize for their ideal world, but that does not protect them from reality, causing them to give up, only to realize there were people who were willing to
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