Into The Woods By Cheryl Srayed Analysis

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“Into the woods” by Cheryl Strayed is a not only a story about the journey to the inner on the Pacific Crest Trail, but also the journey to the inner of a human at the moment of facing a challenge. Through internal dialogues that disclose thoughts and detail descriptions using literary figures, the author achieved move our imagination to a crossing and allow us an understanding of her feelings. By making explicit a nuance of feelings Strayed let to the reader knows what is happening in her mind when is determined start a crossing that herself find difficult to believe, “It was absurd and ridiculously difficult and I was profoundly unprepared to do it.” Instead of pretend be a heroin, Strayed shows to the public her vulnerability as a human being with fears and doubts. The challenge of hiking the PCT (2,650 miles long between national parks and mountains, deserts, forest, rivers and highways) …show more content…

Accomplish an understanding is possible due to the internal dialogues that the author use. By mean of a different style of letters: Italic type and the utilization of questions and exclamation marks manifest disbelief, reflections, doubts and self-persuasion: “I’ve never gone backpacking!,” “How could I carry a backpack more than 1,000 miles over rugged mountains and waterless deserts if I couldn’t even budge it an inch in an air-conditioned motel room?,” I was a PCT hiker, right? Right.” Detail descriptions that could make easy producing a storyboard and the introduction of literary figures, when the actual word is not enough to describe the magnitude of the situation, allow us perceive the complex of what Cheryl is living. “soft bed, old-style neon sign that said “White’s Motel.” Wool socks, leather hiking boots, navy-blue shorts, underwear made of a special quick-dry fabric, and a white T-shirt over a sports bra.” Likewise, literary figures as

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