What Is The Theme Of As Possible Under The Circumstances?

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‘As Canadian As Possible Under The Circumstances’ is a circumspect and detailedly described essay that applies within Shane Koyczan's thoughtful Poem ‘ Shoulders’ in the major theme of the work, the way that the figures of speech used throughout the text, and the tone that have been used to represent those texts Some of the texts might have a lot of different ideas on it, but there has to be a one specific and most important idea that the author have expanded the most on. In Linda’s essay ‘As Canadian As Possible….’ it has been realizable that Linda has expanded particularly in how people can express their ideas through irony in many different ways. For instance, Linda has mentioned at the beginning of her essay, “ Obsessed with articulating …show more content…

This figuration of the tone would make the understanding while reading really easy, but require to follow the tone and be engaged on it. In ‘ As Canadian As Possible Under The Circumstances’ everyone agree that its text really hard because of the serious tone that have been used on it. The existence of most of the punctuation marks and the complicated words through the text is one of the major sign about the high complexity of the text. Even though, the tone was really serious and complex, the idea of irony required that tone because of the huge small details that found in each side of it. “ Novelist Susan Swan recently told me that she saw irony as a “nice form of dishonesty” and that was why polite Canadians excelled at it. And, after all, she may be right: the difference between lying and irony is merely a matter of intent: a lie intends the second meaning of words to remain hidden; irony intends it to be perceived_ at least by part of the audience.” Linda wrote those two complex sentences which require the readers to read them over to understand the idea meant in them. On the other hand, Shane have made his poem as simple as possible to arrive its message to everyone. As well as using a lot of jokes, the use of imagery represented the simplicity to help understand the message. “ How come men have nipples?” and “ There will be no reset button, no new operating system, no downloadable upgrade.” are two lines from Shane’s poem which represent the use of imagery and the funny statements to engage people more in the important topic he is sharing. As a result, the tone of any text could help addressing the mode and the understanding of the idea partially and in some cases

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