What Is The Theme Of Three Roses By Jenna Krugovoy Red Rose

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Three Roses by Anya Krugovoy Silver
This poem has three stanzas. Each has its own color and body part as a focal point. Stanza 1, beginning "Where only my scar line remains", speaks on the removal of a body part and a red rose. I believe that this stanza refers to passion. Red is a passionate. It is often to express sensual desires, and passionate love for someone or something. She uses terms such as "luscious" and "flaming center" to express the passion that she feels from the loss of this part. However, I sense a slight pain from the loss. She uses crimson to describe the rose's center. Crimson, normally used as a reference to hell, reveals a harshness about the passion. Another hint of pain that I sense is in the order of colors ending the poem: "quartz pink, blush, vermillion". Quartz pink and blush are very soft, pink colors, whereas vermillion is a bright cross between orange and red. That scaling may translate to mean very sensitive to extreme pain. What could this pain be in reference to? …show more content…

White generally relates to some level of purity. She continues this idea of purity by using terms such as "satin", "milk-soaked lace", and " a newborn ewe's plush". She creates this image of purity and softness. But what does this mean? It begins with the very first line of the stanza, "Where my right breast remains". Anatomically, breasts come in pairs. There will always be a right and left breast. Thus, the poet could be referring to missing something. With the left one gone, perhaps, she is experiencing an appreciation for a life once lived. This purity refers to how even though it is no longer there, she appreciates that the other remains? I'm really unsure. But, I would like to discuss this

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