What Is The Theme Of Yankee Miracles By Ray Negron

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In my opinion, this book is not really a book about baseball. Ray Negron took this book to new levels on compelling a story of redemption, second chances, and gestures on personal connections over a long forty years inside the walls of the Yankee Stadium. This story is moving and enlightening of the world greatest sports team, the New York Yankees. Yankee Miracles is Ray Negron’s story of a career spent in baseball with the New York Yankees, and how some of the biggest players in Yankee history impacted his life. It shows the relationship Ray made throughout his years in the organization. Ray himself was a New Yorker and was a really huge Yankee fan. Ray’s story of how he starts to work for the Yankees is very memorable. This is how it all began, starting with a guy by the name of George Steinbrenner. After he purchased the Yankees, he actually caught Ray spray-painting graffiti on the outside of the Yankee Stadium around the 1970’s. Instead of threating him and calling the cops on him, Steinbrenner told the boy to work for the …show more content…

Regardless of this, Ray Negron was physically there when Reggie Jackson hit three home runs in the sixth game of the World Series in 1977. Negron was also there earlier the same season when Reggie and the Yankee manager at the time Billy Martin argued in the dugout right in the middle of national television. Soon later Ray was with some of the biggest celebrities in sports. Ray did get his start from the Yankees by painting of the side of a building at the stadium but in his book, Ray spent months trying to paint a picture of the right in the world and the evidence inside the Yankee organization. Ray through out the story recalls his encounters with the players and Mangers from Mickey Mantle, Billy Martin, and Reggie Jackson to Alex Rodriguez, Billy Murcer, and Thurman

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