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Reverend Lucas discussed three huge topics that influenced who he is today; the beginning acceptance of his feelings to himself, the coming out of his preference to the public, and his self discovery. During reverend Lucas’ presentation I could relate to him a lot because I have many friends and family who are a part of the LGBT community and are either gay, lesbian, or transgender. To me, it doesn't matter who you are, as long as you are happy with yourself is all that matters. Reverend Lucas stressed throughout his whole speech how important it is to accept yourself and to not let what others think about you determine your happiness or self-expression in life. Reverend Lucas grew up in Wyoming, MI in a Christian Reform family during the …show more content…

The message reverend received from society was that being gay was “the worse thing that could happen to someone’ and that they were “sick”. Having this message always being reminded in the back of Reverend Lucas’ head made him grow very depressed. At this time, reverend Lucas’ only hope was to pray to God to heal him. He ended up joining a new and more accepting church, but they still viewed being gay as a sickness. It wasn't until he went to see a christian counselor that he finally was able to come to peace with himself and what God thinks of him. He finally had the courage to tell his parents, which he had explained their reaction by saying this is when they “went into the closet themselves”. At this time, even being a parent or sibling of someone who is gay was hard and very often received the same negative messages as the family member that had the different sexual preference. But Reverend Lucas persevered, and through counseling and pursuing many books messages, Reverend lucas was finally able to grasp better what he was actually feeling and interpret his feelings. Reverend lucas explained that although many of the books he was reading was still the minority position, and attending a christian counselor was still not fully supporting of his sexual preference, he was able to finally accept …show more content…

Through this process Reverend discovered emotional health and looked at being gay as a positive. Through his self-discovery, Reverend Lucas explained to the class that this is when he had a “call from God” to make a difference for the next generation. This call of God not only helped him become accepting of himself, his other LGBT friends, and the way that others think about him, but it led him to his future career. At one point, Reverend Lucas was a LGBT pastor full time where he met with hundreds of gays and transgenders which helped open his eyes to see that most people’s journeys are very similar to his, but just had a different approach. This allowed for Reverend Lucas to really connect with himself and others around

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