First Baptist Church Interview Paper

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During the interview with Timothy Hughes, Pastor of the First Baptist Church, many difficult and probing questions were asked to discover the heart of his decision making process. The pastor, making himself available for this interview answered with much openness and transparency revealing how he makes decisions regarding a variety of issues. In regards to fear and its impact on his decision making, one could ascertain that this pastor uses acknowledgement of his fear to provide balance in this process. Decision made in regards to sermon preparation time is deemed to vary as he tries to “utilize a variety of sermon methodology or sermon preparation.” The importance of having a mentor relationship has been important in his life and has aided in making challenging decisions. The aid of such individuals have helped in molding the philosophy he has regarding decisions now. The use of small groups have aided in growth in his life and decisions he has made regarding the issues of focused study. The relationship he has with his family has a great impact on his decisions made. His wife is an …show more content…

Regarding the impact that others in a meeting have on his decision making process, it is given to understand that he desires to know the heart and the motives behind the individual speaking before moving forward with any suggestions made. His concerns regarding this issue are that motives may be proliferated by traditionalists, resistant to change or by those seeking vain-glory, taking on many forms. In matters of job security, this pastor remains open to serve the Lord where He wants him to serve. As he said, “At the end of the day, God has not called us to be employed, but to be faithful.” Ultimately, this pastor in many ways still seeks to attain “a balanced view on all issues,” desiring to make educated decisions. The decisions he makes in many instances are based on past experience, beliefs, self-reflection, knowledge of fallen man, a loving spouse and

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