Summary Of On The Idea Of A Christian College By Dr. Timothy Larsen

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Plenary Keynote “On the Idea of a Christian College” - Dr. Timothy Larsen (8:30 session) “Knowledge is an end in and of itself” In this discussion, Dr. Timothy Larsen discussed the calling and the mission of a Christian liberal arts college and how a college like Northwestern allows us as students to connect our faith, purpose, intellect, and service. Throughout the speech, Larsen argued against the critics who believe that a liberal arts education is worthless and that students who attend such colleges are “being scammed” because they are taught things that they will never otherwise use in their careers and/or life. These critics of a liberal arts education do not believe there is a utility-maximizing point for the widened array of required subject study offered at a liberal arts college. In …show more content…

Emily Dykstra and Dr. Jennifer Feenstra, both professors within the psychology department, discussed the journeys of their faith life and how they came to truly articulate their personal beliefs. These professors also talked about the many challenges faced by “emerging adults” who perhaps have a rather weak hold of their faith in the midst of a heavily-secular world and how to deal with such challenges. Of course, they believe that our education at Northwestern equips us as “courageous and faithful learners” with the suitable framework for our faith, yet they also realize that this Christian environment may be sheltering us from the harsh realities of the world. This session reminded me of a previous discussion I had with my FYS class about why we believe what we believe. Through that discussion, I realized that I had never really articulated what my faith actually meant to me. Instead, I simply piggybacked off my parents’ beliefs and called them my own. This session, and my FYS experience, has led me to a desire of being able to truly articulate my own beliefs and to take control of my faith life instead of being spoonfed religious beliefs from my

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