Christian Colleges Doing Diversity Well, By Christine A. Scheller

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Richie Washington Prof. Lackey ENGL 1113-01 9 October 2017 How does a Christian Institution Thrive in Diversity? In the article “Christian Colleges Doing Diversity Well” by Christine A. Scheller, a journalist and essayist, she interviews Christian college administrators who are attempting to make their institutions better by creating a more diverse college community. They have conversations about their efforts to have a diverse school and how some may thrive and look forward to diversity more than others. Nyack College in Nyack, New York was awarded and the Racial Harmony Award back along with many other colleges and universities. Being honored for the award led the school to be even more diverse. They engaged themselves so much in racial and ethnic unity which led to intentional diversity because of that the honor for the award was no longer considered, Scheller was told during an interview with Michael Scales and David Turk, the president and provost of the college. (Michael Scales & David Turk para. 1). Intentional diversity …show more content…

One-third of the student body is white and two-fifths of the student body stays within a 10-mile radius of the school, according to their vice president of enrollment management, James Steen, who previously worked at Baylor University in Waco, Texas where white people is 70% of the student body. As far as HBU “28% of Houston Baptist student body is Hispanic, 29% is white, 19% is African American, 14% is Asian, and 6 percent is multi-racial… (Steen para. 20) “HBU has been so diverse for so long that they are accustomed to it so it’s not something that they try to force upon the school. With the school’s student body being so close to the school it causes a more diverse church setting. But with the school being so diverse it’s hard to know your students and their preferences because it’s so many different cultures to try to adapt

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