The Allegory Of The Cave By Langston Hughes

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Education is an important tool in a world full of diverse viewpoints. It enables the development of key skills needed to better understand the world and improve on society. Diversity within a society is not necessarily counterproductive but rather beneficial if it is used intelligently because it can be viewed as its own form of education. “Theme for English B” by Langston Hughes effectively highlights the connections between education and diversity which in turn gives a better understanding of “The Allegory of the Cave,” “From Metaphors We Live By,” and “On Communication.” One key point that Hughes touched upon in his work was the diversity between the student and the professor. Diversity can show up in many ways. In this instant, the student and professor were diverse in both age and culture (Hughes 39). Such factors can contribute to a person’s convictions and shape who they are as a person.
“The Allegory of the Cave” by Plato uses diversity in the form of understanding and education. The people within the cave were effectively prisoners within themselves because they “…keep their heads motionless throughout life” and are oblivious to the truths around them (Plato 6). Those that are finally able to free themselves from their self-imprisonment can stand up and develop a better understanding of their surroundings …show more content…

They use the example of the concept of how people view an argument as a metaphor for war and compared it to a society that may view an argument in another aspect such as a dance (Lakoff and Johnson 7). An argument played out as a dance would not appear to be an argument to the society that views it as a war. The lack of effort on a society to attempt to understand the other society’s way of thinking can prove to be detrimental in bridging the diversity gap that is created by these differences of

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