Richard Baxter The Reformed Pastor Analysis

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A short critique - “The Reformed Pastor” by Richard Baxter

Richard Baxter’s writings on the “The Reformed Pastor” is a wake up call to every shepherd of the flocks to examine their soul’s condition and their flocks as well. So, the minister, coming into ministry with much infirmity, has before him a great responsibility and yet difficult office to undertake and to accomplish. Every minister’s success in accomplishing God ordained duties and responsibilities depends on the thoroughness of his examination of his own soul – “It is most necessary, therefore, that men of so much infirmity should take heed to themselves, and be careful in the oversight of their own souls.” While he takes care of his own soul diligently, the same way he needs to care for his flocks welfare – soul’s betterment. Richard Baxter’s writing had been a humble yet an authoritative call to reform ministers’ actions and live their lives as if the souls of his flock depend on his actions. Moreover, he also clearly pointed out some of the utmost important applications for ministers to consider …show more content…

3:16-17). Baxter correctly highlighted the primary duty of minister in correcting those disobedience or rebellious flock – “To bring your people to submit to this course of private catechizing or instruction; for, if they will not come to you, or allow you to come to them, what good can they receive?” However, when we look at today’s congregation, especially old believers, their mindset had changed – though at the beginning of salvation, they humbly followed all the minister’s instructions diligently for their soul’s healing, but after sometimes, they hardened their heart to any kind of pastoral treatment as though they are superior than their shepherd. They will not come to us and will not allow us to come to

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