What Is The Treaty Of Versailles Persuasive Essay

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Jaeyeong Ko
Professor Mike A. Martinez
HIS 113-601
21 December 2015
World War II The treaty of Versailles was not fulfilled President Wilson’s purpose. Instead of achieving peace, it caused a defeated nation’s resentment. Germans believed that this peace settlement was not fair and created their poverty and social problems. To solve these problems, people turn to dictator. Germany had tremendous war debts and had to depend on American loans after World War I. Adolf Hitler became a jobless soldier after the war and joined the National Socialist German Workers’ Party which is called Nazi party which was based on nationalism and racism. He quickly became a leader of the Nazi by showing remarkable abilities as public speaker and organizer. As Great Depression occurred in the United States, Germany faced …show more content…

To defeat Germany, the Allies conducted D-day invasion. On June 6, 1944, 156,000 Allied troops parachuted on German beaches. As a result of the D-Day invasion, the Allies held the beachheads and they got an ideal route to invade Germany. In consequence of losing control of France, Germany should defend wider area and it lead to lose other areas’ domination. By April 25, 1945, the Soviet army attacked Berlin. Hitler could not defend anymore and he shot himself on April 30. Finally, the Allies accepted the unconditional surrender of Germany. In the Pacific, the Japanese still continued the war. To end the war, the United States warned Japan. However, Japan refused and the United States decided to release bombs. On August 6, a code-named Little boy atomic bomb was dropped over Hiroshima which was an important military center. Even though the city was devastated, Japan’s leader did not surrender. The second bomb code-named Fat Man was released on Nagasaki and emperor of Japan ordered military leaders to surrender. The emperor announced Japan’s surrender on August 15 and World War II was

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