Argumentative Essay: Was World War I Justified?

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World War I was one of the most important moments in history. Many events between the countries of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Serbia, France, England, and Belgium caused World War I. The United States entered the war later. During this time in history, almost all the nations in the world were allies with one another. This caused a lot of conflict, because when one country went into war, all of its allies followed. This is what happened in World War I. When ethnic Serbians were accused of assassinating Franz Ferdinand, the heir to Austria-Hungary, tension began between the countries. Soon, Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. All the countries who were allies with these two followed. Germany and Austria-Hungary became known as the Central Powers, and Britain, France, Russia, and Serbia became the Allied Powers. This is how the war began. Fighting continued until November 11th, 1918. Although Germany had started off strong, it ended up losing the war. The signing of the Treaty of Versailles on June 28, 1919 marked the ending of The Great War. It ensured a state of peace between Germany and the Allied Powers. However, the peace did not last for long. Soon, World War II had begun. The Treaty of Versailles played a part in starting World War II. It was extremely harsh towards Germany, and made Germany assume all the war …show more content…

There is always a better way to solve a conflict than war. There are treaties and peace resolutions. Sometimes countries will lose something and others may gain something, however it is always a better option than going to war. War causes casualties, injuries, economic struggles, social struggles, and many other problems. It does not make sense to create a hundred other problems just to solve one problem. World War I was supposed to lead to peace, but it just led to another war. This shows how war is never the solution. Something bad will always lead to something

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