What Is Troy Davis Court Case

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The life of the late Troy Davis commenced on October 9th, the year 1989. Troy Davis was the eldest of five children for his mother, Virginia Davis and his father, Joseph Davis. Davis’ father was a veteran of the Korean War and his mother was a hospital worker. Troy grew up in the Cloverdale, Savannah. Troy’s parents got divorced when he was still quite young. Even though his parents were divorced they were still active in his life. (“Clark Prosecutor,” n.d.) Mr. Joseph Davis, Troy father was determined to shield his children from racism and prove that they were just as good as any other child Caucasian. In his efforts to protect his children from racism he raised them in the first aristocratic predominantly black neighborhood, where their …show more content…

Jeffery Sapp, Troy’s neighbor testified against him in court, telling the court that Troy told him he was responsible for the death of officer MacPhail. Another reportedly ‘confession’ by Troy Davis was testified by an acquaintance of his, Kevin McQueen a gentleman he met as he spent time at Chatham County jail awaiting trial. McQueen testified that Troy told him that he did the he killed officer MacPhail because he didn’t wasn’t him to be able to identify him for the shooting at the pool party and that he did attacked Larry. A total of seven witnesses also testified to being an eyewitness to the killing of the police officer. Harriet Murray a friend of Larry Young, the homeless man that was being harassed, was homeless at the time of the crime. Ms. Murray testified that Troy was in a white shirt, that she saw him assault Larry and murdered officer MacPhail. Her statements made very contradicting but she did say that the person who was arguing with Larry shot the officer. Dorothy Ferrell, like Harriet, testified that Troy was wearing a white shirt, and that she saw him murder the officer, and harass. Sylvester Coles was the other witness to testify that he witnessed Davis wearing a white shirt, hit Young and shot MacPhail. Daryl Collins, Troy’s friend that picked him up at the pool party also identified Davis as the shooter. Robert Grizzard and Steven Sander, two Air Force personnel, also testified. Sanders identified Troy as the cop killer, while Grizzard said that he cannot identify the killer. Two additional witness that testified against Troy were Michael Cooper and Benjamin Gordon. That testified that Troy was the person that was shooting at the pool party. The seven witnesses all recanted when between 2006 and 2010, around the time his execution date was being finalized, and he was preparing to die. (“National Association for the Advancement of Colored

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