What Miranda Rights Mean To Me

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What the miranda rights mean to me What is the reason to having the miranda rights?Not many people have heard of the miranda rights.On the other hand cops that have heard of the miranda rights should know them and if they don 't and arrest someone and they go in front of a judge and was to say they didn 't know anything about their rights they would be set free. If the police ask me questions i would want my miranda rights read to me because i would like to know my rights as an american citizen what i could do and what i couldn 't do but if i didn 't know that i didn 't have to talk and i told the officer something that i didn 't want them knowing about while there was no lawyer. When the police are asking me questions i should have the right to remain silent and then the police can 't ask me questions and if they do then i don 't have to answer anything and if they try to make me say something i don 't have to until i am standing in front of a judge or there is a lawyer present.The police have to know what they are doing and know what to tell the criminal because if he doesn 't tell him everything that he needs to know then he could possible get set free. …show more content…

When the police are asking questions i think the people should have the right to have a lawyer present and the reason to having a lawyer present is to protect you and the lawyer can make the police to stop asking me or anyone questions the lawyer also fights for you in court and if the lawyer is good then you could possibly be set free. that 's why the people of our country should know are constitutional rights, that 's why miranda got arrested in the first place is he didn 't know anything about our rights and he set there and let that cop make him confess and the bad part about all of this is the cop knew the rights but chose not to read them to him,i thank 9f miranda would have known his rights that cop wouldn 't have been able to set there and just keep

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