What's Eating Gilbert Grape Changes

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In the film What’s eating Gilbert Grape directed by Lasse Hallström a character who changes is the protagonist, Gilbert Grape. Gilbert experiences the troubling feeling of being trapped in Endora by the heavy responsibilities of taking care of his family. Throughout the film, Gilbert’s pessimistic outlook on life at the beginning evolves into a more opened and positive attitude. These changes occur when he meets Becky, who forces him to re-think and fight against his strong conscience that is not letting him move on. This is important because it enable Gilbert to deal with all his problems and look into the future.

At the beginning of the film, Gilbert’s attitude towards life is portrayed as colourless. He showed a very negative attitude towards the town Endora when he said: ‘Describing Endora is like dancing …show more content…

Gilbert Grape.’ This expressionless verbal introduction demonstrates that Gilbert has lost the entire spark out of his life and devalues himself. This is also seen when he was questioned what he wanted and he says what he wishes for everyone else. He says ‘I want to be a good person.’ Implying that he does not think he is a good person and is selfless. Gilbert always wants things for others, but never asks for things for himself. We see this with concern and feel sorry for him as we know Gilbert is an understanding person and cares for others. As the film progresses, Gilbert opens up and stops repressing his feelings because of Becky. This is shown when she insists on asking what Gilbert want for him only, and through that we can also understand that Becky is the catalyst for Gilbert’s changes. This is important because Gilbert at last released his emotions instead of carrying all the weight of the family alone, suggesting he is starting to value himself more. I was relieved to see Gilbert looking at life with a more optimistic

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