How To Write An Essay On The Shadow Club

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I believe the top three moments from The Shadow Club, a book following a junior high school student in a club with others who are second best to someone, were when Tyson watched one of their club’s meetings, when Randalph was rushed to the hospital, and when Tyson set his house on fire. One of these three moments was when Tyson watched one of their club meetings. The Shadow Club’s meetings were secret, and no one else that wasn’t in the club was supposed to know it even existed. The club wasn’t allowed to talk about what happened there with anyone, not even their closest friends and parents, so when Tyson watched their meeting it was quite a big deal. Also, directly after Tyson discovered their club, horrible pranks started to happen. The club thought that no one there was doing it. Little did the others know, everyone did one, always for someone else in the club, and right after that club …show more content…

He has changed in the same way as the rest of his club. He started out as an innocent, intelligent, trustable kid and turned evil and wicked, not thinking for anyone other than himself, trying to beat his first best, with everyone else in the club doing the same. His relationship with Cheryl also changed. They started dating, but near the end of the book, weren’t really sure where their relationship was at that point. How the principal and his parents thought of him also changed. The principal thought he was a liar and both the principal and his parents had less trust in him. Most of Jared’s changes were negative changes, but not all of them. Some were positive changes. An example of his positive changes were that he had gotten a new friend, Tyson. He had helped Tyson and because of that, Tyson forgave Jared for all the times he had bullied him and then denied doing it. There are many examples of negative changes to Jared. Such as him having less of other peoples’ trust, and his

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