The Chocolate War Character Analysis

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Change-make or become different Changes occur every day some good some not so good. There are all different types of changes that we can see. One would be a mental change, which includes a different outlook on life and how a person thinks of himself. Another example of change would be a physical change such as sitting at a new spot at the lunch table. Throughout the book “the chocolate war” Jerry changed very much. All the changes Jerry went through helped him find who he really was. To really change things people have to go through difficult paths but without the change Jerry had he would still be living the life he did not want to live.
In many ways, Jerry Renault is a typical fourteen year old teenager. He's trying to make the football team as quarterback and is motivated to do good in his schoolwork. He is also dealing with the recent loss of his mother and tries to be the best son he can to his dad. However, Jerry is not very impressed with his dad’s way of life. He worries about ending up like his dad and always doing the same old thing every day. …show more content…

This would be the vigils. The vigils is the “secret” organization at Trinity high school. They may say that they are secret, but everyone knows about them, but they just pretend not to. The vigils work with the bad teachers at the high school to keep other students in fear and entitled to them. The vigils think that they are in charge, and no one has defied them, except for Jerry. The vigils give Jerry an assignment to sell chocolates for them. Jerry dod what has never been done and he protested and was not going to sell the chocolates. Because of this Jerry is tortured by the vigils with threats, late night prank calls, and is vandalized. The story ends with Jerry fighting Emile, and Jerry was defeated. Jerry wishes he could tell his friend not to defy authority, because it's too dangerous. But he can't

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