Children Should Be Sentenced To Life Without Parole Essay

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Juveniles shouldn’t be sentenced to life without parole. A punishment must be needed but, being sentenced to life without parole at a young age is devastating. Why should they even continue to live? They are young and deserve a second chance to rehabilitate. All we do is just throw these kids in prison and forget about the. What these kids need are treatment, especially because most of them were raised in a violent environment of some kind. Sometimes they grow up unaware of what’s good or bad. It may not be there fault. I’m not stating that they don’t deceive to be punished, what the need is a punishment but at the same time the support of a person. A child learns when they are young from those around them. They don’t automatically know what …show more content…

There must be something wrong going on? It may not be the children’s problem but the problem of the country. The government and the people need to put some effort in this issue. I was raised in a normal family that cared for me and up to this day I have not have an issue with the law. I have a cousin that was raise the other way around. His parents were rarely around. They never cared for what he would do. They never stood there for him as parents. My cousin now has problems in school, with drugs and the people around him. He has grown to not care for the others the same way his parents never cared for him. What I am trying to say is that it is more of the adults fault for the behavers found in the child. It is said in brain studies that an adolescent’s brain tissue is missing around that age which leads them to make impulsive decisions without reasoning. Know put together the fact that an adolescent has issues and the fact that they can’t reason together. It can create a problem. Kid need someone to guide them and care for them rather than a society that just lets them be and gives up on them. Those that commit a crime deserve a punishment. But as a child they also need a second chance and support. The kids are barely even living there life and for a mistake they will finish living it locked up in a cell. Juveniles shouldn’t be sentenced to life without parole, they deserve a chance to reflect on their actions and

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