Should Juveniles Be Tried As Adults

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Die In Prison The rate in which juveniles have been tried as adults for committing heinous crimes have increased in recent years. In comparison to the same actions being done by adults, it has been controversial with how a young adult should be treated and where his or her future will eventually end up in. The main problem occurring within these individuals is whether they should be given life in prison without parole or have the ability to be given a second chance. As for juveniles who commit these heinous crimes, it seems reasonable for them to be given a second chance to improve their lives because if they’re tried as adults, there’s a higher chance of them getting rearrested, rehabilitation centers have shown to help these individuals immensely, and it …show more content…

These individuals are surrounded and being influenced by men or women who have done heinous crimes, nowhere near the kind of help they need to improve their violent life. Considering discussions in class, we read that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan stated that, “Mandatory life without parole for a juvenile precludes consideration of [his or her age and doesn’t help with maturity and learn from the consequences]”. This represents that from a higher vision, giving these juveniles life without parole won’t enhance their lives for the better. Letting them undergo being tried as an adult could restrict them from the opportunity of an education or job as well. From this discouraging discovery, “it makes sense that young people who go through the adult system are 34 percent more likely than those in the juvenile system to be re-arrested”. These juveniles wouldn’t find any worth in what their life has to offer anymore, therefore resulting in them getting re-arrested since committing crimes is what they’re experienced

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