Luko Gordic Case 13-Year-Old

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2015, Luka Gordic is attacked and killed by three 17-year-olds. 2014, two 13-year-old girls attempt to kill their friend Payton Leutner. 2011, David Vincent is shot at by a 13-year-old and dies. These are all cases of murder or attempted murder, but they were done by juveniles, who can change in the blink of an eye. In today’s world, these youth will be or have been sentenced as adults, with much longer sentences than those of the juvenile court, despite the fact that there are rehabilitation clinics that could have better helped them while their minds were still flexible. Many aspects go on in everyday life for these children, that are very rarely taken into consideration because they’re insignificant compared to their crimes, even though this information could be what makes the case completely flip around. Often they don’t have good role models to show them how to treat others and themselves; they only realize they’ve done wrong when the world tells them, and the world is a harsh master compared to their fragile brains. Everyday, new things are learned and remembered, meaning there is never a point where the brain fully stops developing. However, the rational part of the brain’s development is nearly completed at the age of 25. 16-18 are the ages where one is considered an adult in the eyes of the law, depending on the area. Even …show more content…

The effects caused simply by the feeling of helplessness can quickly pile onto each other, causing an eruption of emotions and helplessness which can be taken out on others. Therapy and bootcamps can prevent things like this from happening, along with education in schools to make sure everyone has a chance to get help. Extra funds would need to be given to schools to do this, but a life is priceless and nothing can bring one back once it’s been taken. If Empathy isn’t taught or isn’t understood, it might not even be known to it exist to some and

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