Texas Paul Documentary Summary

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In this documentary kids behind bars the goals that are being achieved by institutions designed for youth juveniles are discipline, responsibilities, able to function in society, anger management, correct character deficiencies, drug and alcohol counseling. In Texas Paul was not able to function in society. Paul was use drugs and missing curfew. He was sent to a county boot camp for six months. Another Paul from England who is just 12 years old, got caught with the police for stealing golf clubs and a pack of Pokemon cards. Paul is also dyslexic, struggles in school and gets bullied. Sam who is 15 years old also from England, and she is very unruly. Sam been in and out of foster care, she runs away from home, gets drunk, gets into fights …show more content…

Around the world the government is puts children behind Bar toady more than ever before. Three and a half thousand children are in prison in the UK more than any other country in Europe. In Brazil where Victor Hugo and Julio stay a juvenile prison is being investigated by the UN because of the guard’s brutality against the boys. The investigators found a hidden room up above them were the guards beat the boys with wood boards. In the Philippines 12 years old Eugene and his Bother were arrested for rape. The 21year old women drop the charges, but since the system has not caught up yet the boys are still in prison. In the room where Eugene and his brother sleep at is very crowded with other kids. When there should be only 50 kids in a room there is 71, and the oldest one sleeps on the floor while the younger one sleeps on the top bunks. One practice I found intriguing was Ankara Turkey a child prison were nearly all the inmates stays out of trouble after they are released. Turkey is a prison where the children lives as part of the local community instead of being isolated behind bars. Turkey’s System is very effective because the inmates are able to go to school and work. There are no wall or gates so if the inmates wanted to escape the prison they could, but they chose not to because they actually like the reformatory because they’re able to still be a part of society. One other

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