When Was Larry Davis Accused

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Larry W. Davis was falsely accused for sexual assault and compliance to rape in 1993. Davis was put on trial and eventually sentenced to 23 years and 6 months in prison for something that he did not do. Davis was falsely accused and contacted the innocence project through mail. Davis was exonerated through DNA evidence after serving 20 years in prison. Two men broke into a house and sexually assaulted the cleaning lady, the lady was blindfolded and she could not tell law enforcement who really did this crime. From the article “Larry Davis”, on the morning of january 11, 1993 two men broke into a home in Washington and sexually assaulted the victim. They blindfolded her and took off all of her clothes. From this evidence, one can conclude …show more content…

Davis was falsely accused for the three charges against him. First, the victim who was the cleaning lady was blindfolded and could not tell the police who she thought did it, so she had to look at a bunch of people and take a guess at who she thought did it. This was the main reason why Davis was falsely accused because the victim could not identify the men who actually did the crime. Despite telling police she could only remember the perpetrators’ hair color, the victim made a tentative photo identification of Davis, but did not identify a second person. She was later presented with a live lineup that included both men and she identified both of them as the attackers(“Larry Davis”). This leads to the wrongful conviction because she was presented with a lineup of people and basically just had to guess on who she thought were the two men, those two men she chose were later put on trial and found guilty even though they did not commit the crime. Second, the victim told officers that she was not positive about her attackers. From a 1993 trial, the victim identified Davis as one of her attackers, even telling the sheriffs that she was not positive about the man she thought did it. This information shows just how Larry Davis was wrongfully convicted because the victim could not identify the two …show more content…

Davis exonerated from jail and proved him innocent. After serving 18 years in prison, just 2 years short of his sentence, Davis was exonerated and sent home through the innocence project. “Tests proceeded on other crime scene evidence, however, including swabs in the rape kit that contained sperm cells and fingernail scrapings taken from the victim after the crime. The results revealed consistent profiles of two unknown men, excluding Northrup and Davis(“Larry Davis”)”. From this quote, one can conclude that the DNA collected from the rape kit did not match either of the two convicted men meaning they did not commit the crime. This means they will be exonerated and let out of jail. DNA evidence has helped a lot in exonerating falsely accused

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