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Charged in the murder of a local boxing legend, Tycorion Davis, 18, was arrested after a Crime Stoppers tip helped to put him behind bars. Former boxer O 'Neil "Supernova" Bell died as a result of a random street robbery, and police are seeking four men accused of his murder. The robbery occurred in southwest Atlanta after O 'Neil Bell stepped off a bus, right before the day of Thanksgiving. As a result of the robbery, Bell died when he attempted to fight back, and they left another person injured.

Investigators of criminal law have called it an opportunistic crime, and police put out surveillance footage to solve the case. In addition to Davis 's arrest, authorities have also arrested Cortez Williams, 16, in connection of the robbery, and they are searching for two other suspects. The arrests show …show more content…

Bell, a retired cruiserweight champion, who defeated Jean-Marc Mormeck for the championship on January 7, 2006. Norma Bell, the mother, responded to an interview with Channel 2 Action News saying how she felt relieved that criminal law had made two arrests. She says that she wants to understand the thought process of the suspect. In addition to this robbery, Davis is believed to be responsible for other robberies in East Point and Clayton County.

With the recent success in the case, they can bring those responsible to justice. According to police, Davis has cooperated with police and helped to fill in pieces of the puzzle. Authorities of criminal law now have strong leads that could track down the other two suspects responsible for the murder.

Bell 's life began in Jamaica 41 years before, but in 1995, he immigrated to Atlanta, working as a UPS driver to become a professional boxer three years later. O 'Neil held boxing titles in WBA, IBF, WBC and cruiserweight. He amassed an impressive boxing record that included 26 wins, three losses and only one draw during his 13-year boxing career that ended in 2011. Norma Bell said that she wants to bury her son in

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