When Was Tom Robinson Accused

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Tom Robinson has been falsely accused of rape over a father covering up his abuse. But because of his skin color he lost his defense and had been sentenced to death. Tom is a kind nice man and has been set to court because of Bob Ewell accusing him of raping his daughter. He has brought his daughter to his side but the reality is, Bob Ewell abused his daughter Mayela and putting the blame on Bob because he is black man and knows he will win in court. The fact that Tom is a black man and Bob is a white man, it would be for sure that Bob would win because of his race. He puts rape on Tom Robinson when in reality Tom was a helpful man in the house for Mayela and she used that to her advantage to prevent her dad from going to prison. It is very wrong to hurt someone all because of their race and what Mayela did was taking a young, nice Black man is kindness to protect a evil monster. Overall,The person who is at fault is Bob Ewell because he is the one who cause the pain and tried to get out of it by digging a bigger whole and letting a nice man die. …show more content…

This just shows that Mayella caused all of this and she is the reason tom is dead. For instance, The death of Tom Robinson clearly made Atticus sad because Jem did not want Scout to mention anything about it or her knowing about the events, Jem did not want Scout to mention anything about it or Atticus would have been mad or sad about it “Jem also told me that if I breathed a word to Atticus, if in any way I let Atticus know that I knew, Jem would personally never speak to me again.” (Lee 276).Jem had felt sorry for Atticus so he did not want scout to say anything and if she did, she would have got in trouble with

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