White Jock Rapist Cartoon Analysis

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Stories are often on the news of women getting sexually abused or raped while they are under drug influence or not. It is a recurring tragic event that somehow cannot be stopped. People seem to wonder why and who would do such a crime. Pat Basley argues and questions in his cartoon on why would Brock Allen Turner rape a girl. He wraps up his argument up with the title “White Jock Rapist,” and lists his personal best scores of being a well known swimmer. This cartoon is effective as it captures the story, telling it all in one drawing. Behind the cartoon tells a twisted, sickening, story. If a reader looks at the cartoon, the reader has to be well updated with the news to know what is being talked about. In January 2015, two college graduates from Stanford University passed by and spotted a younger classmate raping a half-naked, unconscious woman behind a dumpster. Brock Turner was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault, as he was looking at fourteen years of jail time. Although, just recently his sentenced was lower to only three months in jail and probation. “The judge feared that a…show more content…
The whole setting is based on his “personal best” since he is a athlete. The author connects athletes with their personal best scores; as it is used to show Brock Turner and his personal best score for raping. It makes the audience question on where was his mind when he did it. Then, let's the audience answer their questions with questions. Inside the shadow had questions asking “Was she drinking? What was she wearing? Did she fight? Why was she alone? Is she a slut?” and so much more. It is often implied that women bring it upon of themselves to be sexually assaulted. Whether, females dress a certain way or act a certain way, they are non-verbally asking to be sexually used. This is where another opinion rises without having any evidence to prove of
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