Who Is A Survivor In Night By Elie Wiesel

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My favorite character from all the prose selections we’ve read is Eliezer Wiesel, the author of the book Night. A young Jew boy who was put into a concentration camp. There are no words to explain the pain he went through. There are three major reasons to why he is my favorite and these are why; he is a survivor from the Holocaust, he risked all he had to try and keep the ones he loved alive, and although being young he never gave up. The way he tells his journey through this event is magnificent, so people can understand what actually happened 85 years ago. First and foremost, Eliezer Wiesel is one of very few who survived this terrible event. In other words, he lived through the Holocaust and got to tell his side of the story. Many people want to argue that the Holocaust never occurred. How could this topic be argued over when these people have their number engraved on their skin with permanent ink. Over six million Jews did not only create history but, were the history. This fact did …show more content…

As an illustration, he exchanged his shoes to be put in a good unit. He was also forced to get his gold crown removed. However he played a trick on them but the eventually found out his weakness was his father. Many times Elie would give his father his food so his father would be stronger and didn’t have to be taken away. Furthermore, even though Eliezer was very young he never gave up. Many times he would argue with god and ask him why he put him in a situation like that one. I believe he was extremely strong after realizing his mother and sister were killed in the gas chambers. At one point while being in the camp they had to see a young underweight boy die while being hung. To experience this terrible death would have killed me but, he was so strong and kept quite because he believed they would make it out eventually. That same night he tasted his soup and it tasted like

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