Who Is Albert Desalvo Responsible For Murder?

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The man known as The Boston Strangler was responsible for the killing of thirteen innocent women in the early 1960’s. This man was Albert DeSalvo, the first cold-blooded killer in the United States. Albert DeSalvo was born in Chelsea, Massachusetts on the day of September 3, 1931. DeSalvo was not born into an easy life, and was actually forced to go through a very rough and painful childhood. His father beat him, and also beat his mother and all his other siblings. As DeSalvo grew up angry all the time, he became angry at the world, and this caused him to make poor decisions and get himself into unnecessary trouble. DeSalvo was in trouble as young as twelve years of age, and had been arrested for assault, robbery, and battery. Time after time DeSalvo got himself into …show more content…

Once inside he would assault and kill the women, and this is how he became known as The Boston Strangler. Because at that time period they couldn’t track who was doing the killing, and then the strangler part comes for a different reason. He would dress himself up as a maintenance man or an electrician at an apartment complex; DeSalvo would knock on the door and explain that he is there to do some kind of maintenance. Unaware of who they’re really speaking to most would allow DeSalvo to enter. Once inside of the victim’s home, DeSalvo would attack and threaten to kill them if they weren’t silent. Then DeSalvo would sexually assault the women and then strangle them. DeSalvo strangled the majority of his victims with their own nylon stocking, and tie it off in the shape of a bow. This was the signature move that brought the name of, “The Boston Strangler” into play. Throughout his killing DeSalvo also began to tie the victim’s feet to chairs and spread her legs apart, leaving her in front of the door for someone to find. DeSalvo was obviously a corrupted man, and took the lives of thirteen innocent

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