Who Is Bob Ewell Biased In To Kill A Mockingbird

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In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, the Maycomb court system is totally biased in a discriminatory way. The case of Tom Robinson, if it had not been in this court with its racist jurors, would certainly have not ended the way it did. It only ended the way it did because of peer-pressure, a scared victim being manipulated and believed, and an honest man not. Through her testimony, Mayella Ewell constantly lied. At one point, she even goes as far as to say that Tom “chucked me on the floor” and “hit me agin an’ agin.” but retracts the rather extreme statements after a time saying that “I just don’t remember”. Besides her outright lying, there was evidence to believe that she was being threatened by her father, Bob Ewell. She is very nervous throughout the entire trial, especially when she speaks of Bob. She has very likely been abused before on many other occasions, even being called a “damned whore” by her father. Lastly, she swore, “my father has never touched a hair o’my head in my life” even though we have just proved her incredible due to her lying out of fear. …show more content…

Link Deas, whom he had “worked honestly for” for many years. This also contradicts Mayella’s statements by proving Tom was incapable of strangling her with both hands. He also has a reason for wanting to help Mayella. “I was glad to do it,” Tom said in reference to busting up the chifforobe, “Mr. Ewell didn’t seem to help her none”, which fits his character as a kind person whom would help someone in need, not even a for a

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