Who Is John Proctor A Good Character In The Crucible

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The town Salem, in the crucible, has many characters that are known to be people of good character. Some have a much odd and darker past, which lead them to be later accused of some sort of crime that leads them to a life or death situation. Most characters deal with how they are looked upon around the town and others worry of their ‘ name ‘, and what people think of them. According to the court the only way to escape from being punished for what you’ve been convicted of is to confess the truth. Which is strange because it's more of a religious way than it is by Law. Salem had a hard time when Parris was elected to be the Reverend, apparently they had a different candidate in mind. A character in the story that was fine in the beginning but later began doubting the way people thought about him after the incident, is Rev. Parris. After walking into the woods and witnessing the group of young women dancing and some nude, while trying to conjure spirits. He later confesses to the court what he sees in the forest. Betty supposedly gets …show more content…

Through the middle of Act 1 we discover a man who has become the thing he hates most, a hypocrite. He becomes less involved with the whole “ Witches in Salem “ thing because he is caged in by his guilt. “ Ah, you’re wicked yet aren't y’all! You’ll be clapped in the stocks before you’re twenty.” says John Proctor on pg.(A1 178) , which shows how is attracted to Abby’s naughty antics. This then would be in keeping with his true personality, as we see when he challenges authority throughout the play. John only ends up permanently his ‘good’ name and getting himself condemned for witchcraft during a trial in which Elizabeth fails to tell the truth thinking she was saving her husband. John, after publicly embracing his sin, by openly admitting his adulterous lechery, he is no longer a

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